OLTL Best Lines Friday 3/25/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 3/25/11


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Ford: Hey, buddy, Daddy is home. Hi. Did you have fun with Uncle James and Uncle Nate, huh?

Tess: Ah, my husband, the big wiener. Talk about false advertising. 

Viki: Really? So soon?

Dorian: Well, it doesn't seem so soon to me. David and I should've been married months and months ago.

Viki: Well, I realize that, but don't you want to take a moment to--I don't know--process everything that's happened and reconnect with each other?

Dorian: David and I have reconnected multiple times since he's been back.

Viki: Thank you. Too much information.  

Tess: Running off with Cutter was the only fun I've had since I've been out.

Ford: Really? I guess I didn't realize how much you were suffering going out clubbing and coming on to anything in pants and spending Ryder's trust fund like there's no tomorrow.

Viki: I'm so happy for you and Dorian. I really am. You deserve to have the life that you were meant to have before Clint ruined it all for you.

David: It wasn't your fault, and don't think that I didn't forget what you've done for Dorian. You were a friend when she really needed one.

Viki: You know what, it went both ways.

David: Wow. You don't want to know the image that just went through my mind.

Viki: Probably not, no.

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