OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 3/23/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 3/23/11


Provided By Kathy

John: Other than Manning, there's no record of anyone with a gunshot wound showing up at the hospital. We're checking with doctors in surrounding towns. If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Kelly: Thank you. Well, then I will let you get back to your work. Bye.

John: Okay. Hey, Kelly... I think we need to talk.

Kelly: Since when does the original man of few words start conversations?

John: I know. I'm kind of scaring myself.

John: You want to stay, stay.

Natalie: Gee, thanks.

John: Just try to stay out of my way.

Natalie: Damn it, John. I mean, is this not hard enough without you being cold every chance you get? I mean, could you consider maybe being a little civil?

John: When you lied to me for 9 months, was that your idea of being civil?

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