OLTL Best Lines Friday 2/25/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 2/25/11


Provided By Kathy

Dani: Dad was totally out of line, and there have to be consequences for that, or else he's never gonna change.

Starr: You think he's gonna change?

Dani: Yes. Look, trust me. Trust me. When I come home tomorrow morning and dad sees me, he's gonna feel so sorry about what he did that Nate and I will be able to see each other whenever we want.

Starr: What? Yeah, that'll be possible--if aliens attack dad's brain and change him into a different person.

Dan: You're marrying this gym rat?

Tess: Unfortunately, yes.

Dan: But you want to hook up.

Tess: Absolutely. Look, he's gonna buy the cow, and you get the milk for free. I'm marrying Ford, but I'm gonna spend my wedding night with you. Never mind. Here. Just take my room key. I'm in room 529. And after I'm finished marrying this loser, I have the whole night free, okay? So why don't you order some champagne, run me a bubble bath, and then when I'm done with business, it's playtime.

Woman: Now I know why you wanted to nix the photos.

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