OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 2/16/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 2/16/11


Provided By Kathy

Ford: Wait. What's going on? What's wrong with you?

Tess: Well, I'm freezing and thirsty as hell. So I'm gonna go inside for a drink.

Ford: Whoa, hang on a second. You can't drink. Are you kidding? Don't you have hepatitis C?

Tess: Couple of drinks won't kill me.

Ford: Yeah, but aren't you breastfeeding?

Tess: Again with the boobs. What is it with you?

Nate: So you gonna do to me what you did to Cole when you caught him with Starr? I mean, that's how this started, too, right?

Todd: Do you know how it ended?

Ford: Look. I'm not in the mood for your drama, okay? Langston is inside, and she's waiting for me.

Tess: Oh, your little teen queen. That's what you're into, right, seducing young girls. You were only interested in Jessica when she thought that she was 17. It's easier to get them into bed, right? Talk about chamber of horrors. No wonder she came screaming for me.

Ford: Wait. What are you talking about?

Tess: Why do you think that she didn't remember whether you had sex or not? Because it was me.

Ford: You're lying.

Tess: I wish I was. I was locked up for a year and a half to wake up with this waxed gorilla on top of me. It was the worst 30 seconds of my life.

Ford: I think it was a little longer than 30 seconds.

Tess: Emphasis on "little."

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