OLTL Best Lines Thursday 2/3/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 2/3/11


Provided By Kathy

Starr: I'm sorry. I thought this was John's room.
Brody: It is. No, no, it's not what you think. We're getting married.
Starr: Okay.
Brody: To Jessica and Natalie, not to each other.

Ford: You set me up. You planted that money in my office and you tried to pin my father's murder on me so that I wouldn't go to your brother--who happens to be the commissioner--and tell him that you hired two goons to beat me up. Well, guess what. It didn't work. Now, I was willing to take that beating because of what happened between me and Jessica, but there's no way--there's no way I'm going to jail for a crime I did not commit. Now the police know everything.
Clint: And yet, here I am. My brother had a few questions for me, but he couldn't prove a damn thing. So, I'm still free and I'm still rich, and you and your brother are poor and friendless.
Ford: Wha--what kind of a man are you?
Clint: A very powerful one.

Cutter: I got to hand it to that Clint Buchanan. Figuring out a way to change both his son's and daughter's paternity test. The guy's good.
Aubrey: I'm better.
Cutter: Yeah, you are. And you look better in a dress.

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