OLTL Best Lines Monday 1/24/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 1/24/11


Provided By Kathy

Clint: My brother has evidence that I killed Eddie?

Inez: All I know is, he was questioning me, and he got a phone call, and by the time he hung up the phone, he let me go, told me not to worry. He could prove that you did it.

Clint: How the devil did he find out?

Inez: I told you. I warned you that this would backfire if you forced me to break those two up.

Clint: Yeah. You may be right. I never should have gone down that road because now I've got blood on my hands that I can never wash away. I can't sleep because I'm having these nightmares, and--I don't know-- maybe I should just let it all go and just tell Bo what happened.

Inez: It might make you feel better.

Clint: Yeah. You're probably right. Bo, how are you doing? Nice try, little brother.

Blair: Oh, no. No, thank you. I'm not thirsty. But I do have a few questions, please. Like what's your name? I couldn't make it out on the portrait over there.

Man: Tomas.

Blair: Just Tomas?

Tomas: And you are?

Blair: Blair. Just Blair.

Tomas: Blair?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Tomas: That suits you.

Blair: So what about your landlord?

Tomas: He's deaf. But if he knocks on the door, tell him you're my lover and I just threw myself out the window.

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