OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 1/5/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 1/5/11


Provided By Kathy

Clint: Oh, she has put you behind her. Madam Mayor doesn't even know who you are anymore.

David: But even with that bogus breakup note you gave her, she must be wondering what happened to me.

Clint: No. She knows exactly what happened to you...

David: What?

Clint: Because you've been keeping your MyFace status updated on a regular basis.

David: David says, "I am in an Olsen twin sandwich." That's a lie. I only know Ashley.

Kahlid: Your uncle is an enemy of love.

David: Tell me about it.

Kahlid: An enemy of love is no friend of mine.

David: You can say that again.

Kahlid: Why? You did not hear me?

David: No, Kahlid. It's an expre--never mind.

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