OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 10/20/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 10/20/10


Provided By Kathy

Viki: Okay. I see your point. If Echo had pulled something, we would all have heard about it...

Charlie: Exactly.

Viki: But you have to understand, sweetheart, I am not alone in my feelings about Echo. Even Dorian agrees with me.

Charlie: Oh, and that is your measure of sound judgment.

Markko: And pretty soon, you're tired of spending every single weekend alone, and then you meet somebody else, and--

Gigi: Mark...ko.

Cristian: Excuse me.

Markko: What'd I do?

Gigi: I guessed you didn't know. Layla lives in Paris now. She and Cristian are having one of those long-distance relationships while they get their careers on track. He was trying to see if he could visit her this week, but, judging from his mood, I'm guessing he couldn't work it out.

Markko: Oh, my God, I think I'm gonna need something to wash out the foot that's stuck in my mouth.

Viki: Darling, I'm also not as naive as I was way back then.

Charlie: And who is? Which is why I'm saying you should stop getting so wound up about Echo. All of your problems with her happened a long time ago.

Viki: Echoes have a way of repeating themselves.

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