OLTL Best Lines Thursday 9/23/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 9/23/10


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Rex: You told me you hated Vickers because he chased Kim off. Is that how you get back at him, by having him thrown in a foreign prison? But then again, if you do have him shipped off to a prison the day he's supposed to marry Dorian, it makes it look like he's left her at the altar, again, and then you stuck it to Dorian for trying to take down B.E. Am I warm?

Clint: Oh, Rex, I don't know whether to be entertained or flattered. Now, I may be a powerful man, but even I don't have the pull to put an innocent man behind bars in a foreign prison.

Rex: So are you saying David's innocent? Or you are?

Ford: No, I'm not saying it's Langston's fault.

Dean MacKenzie: Then whose fault is it?

Ford: All I meant was... I'm human. And I made a mistake. But I am a good teacher. And if you hire me back, I can be an inspiration to those students.

Dean MacKenzie: By inviting them into your bedroom?

Langston: When I found out what he did to her, I was so angry and so hurt that all I wanted to do was hurt him back. So I did.

Dorian: How?

Langston: Well, I showed up to his apartment and I told him that I wanted him back. And while we were kissing, I left a camera running. And I handed the pictures over to the dean.

Dorian: And Ford was fired. Langston. Oh! I have never been prouder of you than I am at this moment. Congratulations! Ha ha ha ha!

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