OLTL Best Lines Friday 8/20/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 8/20/10


Provided By Kathy

David: No, no, no, you are not wearing that to my wedding.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm gonna change.

David: My double wedding--me and Dorian, Eli and Blair--it is a classy event. None of that Little Nikita stuff you think is so hot.

John: What Kelly found--will that help you at trial?

Nora: Well, I don't think it could hurt if we could follow it somewhere.

Bo: It's tainted.

John: If I can find a way around it?

Nora: You do, and I'll eat my hat.

Bo: Red, you don't wear hats.

Nora: Well, you know what? For John, I'll buy one.

David: Thanks for ruining my surprise, Destiny. I thought we were supposed to be BFFs.

Destiny: What surprise? You blabbed it all over MyFace.

David: Is nothing private anymore?

Matthew: That's the point. You post stuff so everyone can see it.

Darren: See, at first, I thought that you'd been hacked, because last I heard, you and the mayor were at daggers drawn.

Destiny: Please. Those two? That's their idea of foreplay.

Eli: Hostile and paranoid. Whew! Then again, your mother was crazy, wasn't she? Are you following in her footsteps, Kelly? I certainly hope not, because you're a real catch--very attractive. If only you weren't so angry.

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