OLTL Best Lines Thursday 8/19/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 8/19/10


Provided By Kathy

Nora: I love it. You've never even met the woman, and already you're predicting disaster.

David: Well, have you looked at her? The raven hair, the come-hither eyes, the come-hither body?

Nora: Okay, okay. He's hired her as his assistant, and they're working together. That's it, David.

David: Oh, right. Uncle Clint hired an assistant, too, didn't he? And then before you knew it, she became Mrs. Clint Buchanan.

Nora: Okay, that was different.

David: Whatever you say, Ma.

Nora: Please don't call me that.

David: Hey. Shouldn't you be primping?

Nora: I don't primp.

David: It's a wedding, Ma. The wife of the best man is supposed to be dazzling.

Nora: The best who's what?

David: You and Pa are gonna be our most honored guests. So could you do a nice, little thing and just write down a few choice words as a toast.

Nora: Will I have time with all the primping?

David: You know, just a warm welcome for Dorian into the bosom of our extended family. Speaking of bosoms...do not under any circumstances let Pa spend any time with that so-called assistant. You will regret it.

[Nora sighs]

Bo: Well, looks like we have a wedding to go to.

Nora: Yes. She's gonna be our daughter-in-law.

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