OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 8/17/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 8/17/10


Provided By Kathy

James: So what if I want to get under Starr’s skin? I can't take a play out of your book?

Ford: Oh, you think she's just gonna get so jealous that she's gonna admit she's into you?

James: It could happen. It'd be great if it did, but she said she's not interested, so I'm a free agent. Besides, you said Langston was so much fun, and she's definitely hot, so why can't I grab what I can?

Ford: D'oh! You sound just like Dad. You don't care who gets hurt just as long as you get what you want.

James: Oh, yeah? I thought it sounded more like you.

Starr: I get the whole you dating James thing to get back at Ford, but there's no way that this can end well.

Langston: What's the worst that can happen? He pretends to forget his wallet and I sneak out the back?

Starr: Langston, you're getting involved with him for all the wrong reasons.

Langston: I'm not getting involved with anybody.

Dorian: Do you have the strawberries?

David: Do you have the whipped cream?

Dorian: Absolutely. Ha ha ha!

Langston: I think I'll be ordering takeout from now on.

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