OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 7/13/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 7/13/10


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David: Morning, Pa.

Bo: Morning. I need coffee.

David: Oh, coffee. Say no more. Say no more. Here. Let me get that for you. There you go, just like you like it.

Bo: Thank you.

David: Do you notice anything new?

Bo: Did you get new teeth whitener?

David: No. I-- well, actually, yeah. I did. Why, does it look bad?

Viki: Dorian, I can assure you that the only arms in which I am interested in being held closely are my husband's.

Charlie: Well, thank you.

Dorian: And yet you hired David to work closely with you at the "Banner."

Viki: So? You hired Charlie to work closely with you on this "revitalizing" Llanview.

Dorian: I hired the best man for the job.

Viki: Yes. You did, and maybe I did, too.

Dorian: David is only good at two things--disrobing and disappointing.

David: Nora. Hey, look. Nora is the one who put you up to this, isn't she?

Bo: No. This was a team decision.

David: Well, where am I supposed to go, huh? Uncle Clint's entire security detail has got orders to shoot me on sight.

Bo: Listen. You're an adult. At least you're grown. Now, I know that you're gonna land on your feet, David. You are. What about Dorian?

David: Dorian? That woman would make a train take a dirt road.

David: Oh, thank goodness. I've been looking all over for you. Look. I brought muffins.

Viki: You brought muffins to the diner?

David: For you, Viki, I would bring muffins anywhere. Did you know that muffins are back in?

Viki: No. I didn't know that, David.

David: Because you didn't have the best style editor.

Viki: Reporter, style reporter.

David: Reporter, editor, potato, editor. You know what? You're gonna start throwing cash my way as soon as you hear all of my ideas. You know what? You and I should get together, brainstorm, just the two of us.

Charlie: But to do that, wouldn't you both need to have a brain?

Dorian: David, I hope you don't think anybody is fooled by this ruse of a job.

David: I hope you don't think anyone is impressed when you speak French.

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