OLTL Best Lines Monday 7/12/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 7/12/10


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Todd: I can't. Where is Starr, anyway?

Blair: Well, she's here in the hospital waiting for her friend to get out of surgery.

Todd: How's she doing?

Blair: She's a wreck, Todd. And it all depends on this boy.

Todd: James?

Blair: Yeah. James. If he makes it, she's gonna be fine. If he doesn't, I --

Todd: You should've seen her face when she realized she shot the wrong guy.

Blair: What in the world was she doing with a gun? How could you let that happen?

Todd: What do you mean me? It was James' fault. He got her mixed up in all of this. Never should've happened in the first place.

Blair: Thank God it's over, and Cole's with her now, so everything should work out.

Todd: Oh, sure, it'll work out now.

Ford: Okay, this is really touching and everything, but you know this girl put a bullet inside you, right?

James: Not on purpose. It was an accident, right, twinkle?

Starr: Yes, it was an accident, but if you call me twinkle one more time, I cannot guarantee your safety.

Ford: All right. Okay. I've had enough romantic comedy for one day.

Todd: Why wait? Why don't you call him, leave him a message?

Blair: Maybe I will.

Todd: I'm gonna go and see about Dani and Téa, see how they're doing.

Blair: Todd -- thank you. You really helped.

Todd: I'm just glad I'm not marrying him. Or you.

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