OLTL Best Lines Monday 6/21/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 6/21/10


Provided By Kathy

Reed: Come on, mate!

Shaun: I'm not your mate. This guy is a freak.

Kelly: He's not a freak. Come on, he's British.

Shaun: British people let themselves into other people's offices when they aren't there? I thought they were supposed to have manners.

Reed: That's a stereotype, actually.

Shaun: I'm not here to learn, I'm here to protect the lady.

And as far as I'm concerned, you're a threat.

Reed: I told him, this is a simple misunderstanding.

Shaun: What's a misunderstanding? You always keep popping up places uninvited, always with that look in your eye when you're around her.

Reed: If I look at Kelly a certain way, it's because--

Shaun: You're a whack!

Reed: I was going to say enamored of her.

Shaun: Or worse, both.

Kelly: Okay. I am sure that he has a very good reason why he was rifling through my things.

Shaun: Let's hear it.

Reed: I was merely looking for a writing implement so that I could leave you a note.

Kelly: Okay. All right. See, that makes sense.

Shaun: Texting hasn't come to Britain?

Reed: Oh, silly me. I forgot that appreciation for the handwritten note had died alongside romance and chivalry.

Shaun: And you're going to be next.

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