OLTL Best Lines Monday 6/14/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 6/14/10


Provided By Kathy

David: Oh, no, she didn't. Nobody dumps my little brother and gets away with it. What the hell happened?

Matthew: Take a wild guess.

David: Oh, no. That's not a good idea. That usually gets me in a lot of trouble.

Matthew: It's because I'm the biggest jerk on the planet.

David: That is impossible. I know much bigger jerks in Llanview alone.

Dani: What is that doing there?

Nate: Somebody hid it here, I guess.

Dani: Like who?

Nate: How should I know?

Dani: Well, there's only one way to find out. There must be an I.D. or wallet or something--

Nate: Wait, wait! Don't.

Dani: Why not?

Nate: If this were an airport or a train station, we'd have to report an unattended bag.

Dani: Okay, I seriously doubt there's a bomb in there. Who would it kill up here?

Nate: Us.

David: Matty, listen to me. You are a prize, my boy. Any girl from Taylor Swift to... anyone else named Taylor would be lucky to have you.

Matthew: I don't care about them.

David: Then you got nothing to worry about. Believe me, Dani's gonna wake up one day and realize she made the biggest mistake of her life. Just you watch. She's gonna come crawling back to you.

Matthew: No, she won't. Nate is all brooding. The guy quotes movies. He thinks he's Johnny Depp or something.

David: Is he really like Johnny Depp? You may be in trouble. That guy is really cool.

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