OLTL Best Lines Monday 6/7/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 6/7/10


Provided By Kathy

David: Shall I begin?

Bo: Just make sure that you stick to the ceremony.

David: Absolutely. No worries. Ladies, please be seated. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join [Insert names] in ho--" oh! To join my Pa Bo Buchanan and his lovely ex-wife Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan Hanen Buchanan Buchanan. If you're thinking Colson, you're wrong. That marriage was annulled.

David: Pa and Nora, it was destiny that originally brought you together. Not you.

Destiny: Jackass.

David: May I cut in?

Charlie: No, you may not.

David: Seriously, how selfish can you be?

Nora: David.

David: Yes, Mom?

Nora: Okay, you don't call me... have you seen Matthew? It's time for the best man toast.

David: Oh, that little rascal.

Nora: What does that mean?

David: Well, apparently Matthew has snuck off for a little sumpin' sumpin' with Viki's niece.

Viki: Why don't we just wait for a few minutes? Okay?

David: I don't know. Buchanan men are known for their stamina. This could take a while.

Viki: Okay, and now standing in for best man Matthew Buchanan is another best man--Rex Balsom.

Rex: Thank you, Viki. Well, I could never take the place of Bo's son.

David: Got that right.

Kelly: David. I need your help.

David: Well, look who's happy I didn't get shot after all.

Kelly: I suppose.

David: Good night.

Kelly: Ah, ah, ah. Come on. I am very grateful that you didn't get shot. You were fabulous.

David: That's better. Now, how can I be of service?

Kelly: Reed and I would like to go upstairs for a nightcap.

David: I don't do threesomes.

Kelly: Really? Since when?

David: Prague. '97.

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