OLTL Best Lines Thursday 5/20/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 5/20/10


Provided By Kathy

Dani: Mom?

Téa: Oh. No, I'm fine, sweetheart. I was just...

Blair: Clams casino. Downstairs. Something that your mom ate. I mean, Renee is lucky that it was just that and wasn't worse than just a slight case of food poisoning. Otherwise, your mom could slap just a vicious lawsuit on her.

Téa: Blair's right. You have to be careful with seafood.

Blair: Right.

Téa: Yeah.

Dani: So you're really okay?

Téa: Yeah. I'm fine, sweetheart. I'm fine.

Dani: All right. Well, better go get changed out of this dress.

Blair: You look beautiful.

Téa: Thank you. You've always been a really good liar.

Blair: Oh, says the criminal defense lawyer.

Blair: What I said earlier about being there for you for treatment tomorrow, I'll be there. I mean, anything you need, I'm there, okay?

Téa: You really are strange.

Blair: Excuse me?

Téa: Ha ha ha! When things are at their worst, that's when you're at your best.

Blair: Well, I am being fitted for wings and a halo later if you'd like to come along.

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