OLTL Best Lines Monday 5/10/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 5/10/10


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Todd: Yeah. Well, Hannah, we both know that whatever it is you saw, I was nowhere near Marty when she took that spill down those stairs. Do you realize if you lie in court, you'll go to jail? And the only degree you'll get is in license plate printing. Maybe you could have some late-night study sessions with your cellmate. Oh, wait a minute. I know why you're here. Cole. You want Cole. That's it, isn't it? That's why you made up this story, so you can drive a wedge between Starr and Cole.

Hannah: Isn't that what you want, Mr. Manning?

Todd: What I want is for you to tell the truth. And I'm gonna see to it that you do, one way or another.

Hannah: I am telling the truth. You must be deluded. I mean, when you hit your head, you must have forgotten what you did to Dr. Saybrooke.

Todd: Ha ha ha. Hannah, I didn't do anything to Dr. Saybrooke. You know that.

Hannah: Well. Then I'm scared to see what you consider to be something, because from what I've read, you've been doing a whole lot of nothing to that woman for years.

Todd: Are you offering to make a deal with me?

Hannah: I'm just saying...

Todd: I don't trust you any more than I could throw you, which in my condition is...

Hannah: Not as far as you pushed Dr. Saybrooke?

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