OLTL Best Lines Thursday 4/22/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 4/22/10


Provided By Kathy

Jessica: But I don't want to go with anyone else. I want to go with Cristian. Doesn't anyone understand that? I mean, do you know how it feels to be in love with someone that doesn't remember loving you back?

Viki: Yes, actually I do, and I think there are a lot of other people who know how that feels.

Jessica: Oh. Like Brody?

Viki: And Natalie and Bree and a lot of people, darling, who love you and they care about you.

Jessica: Oh, so now I'm a terrible person?

Viki: No, sweetheart, I didn't say that. Darling, this is not your fault. In your mind, you're an adolescent, and that makes the world a kind of a tough place for you right now.

Jessica: So I should just suck it up and ask Brody to the prom?

Viki: Well, Natalie told me that you two went on a date.

Jessica: Oh. So she's not just a boyfriend stealer, she's also a blabbermouth.

Kelly: So. That's it? No "how was your trip?" "Gee, I hope you're hanging in there, Kelly. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better, Kelly?"

Todd: Well...we can sleep together. That'd make me feel better.

Kelly: Me definitely no like.

Todd: All right, how was your trip? Did you find out who's calling you? Any proof that your mom was murdered? You wanted questions, I'm giving you questions.

Kelly: I'm just trying to see if you care at all.

Todd: I offered to sleep with you.

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