OLTL Best Lines Friday 4/16/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 4/16/10


Provided By Kathy

Elijah: Oh, honestly, Blair, how many times do I have to apologize for being late--

Blair: An hour. An hour. A whole long hour you kept me waiting in there with my ex-husband going on and on about how you were never gonna show.

Elijah: Yeah, but I did show, not to mention I bought you a spectacular gourmet dinner.

Blair: Mmm...it was all right.

Elijah: Not to mention the massive dessert which you didn't even eat a bite of.

Blair: It was too pretty.

Elijah: Not to mention the champagne--

Blair: Why do you keep saying "not to mention"? If it's so not to mention, why do you keep mentioning it?

Marty: Did I just hear that right? A convicted serial rapist just called my son a pervert?

Todd: Well, it's just that my daughter's in high school--high school. She shouldn't be saddled with some kid.

Marty: Kid? Kid? The kid's name is Hope, and she's here, and she's beau--

Todd: Yes, I know! I love her. Don't--don't patronize me. Don't tell me that you're happy about this situation.

Marty: I'm thrilled. And as I recall, you weren't that upset when you were planning on kidnapping her the moment she was born and running off to New Mexico so you could live your little twisted fantasy where we would take care of your baby's daughter together.

Todd: I'm so sick of you throwing that crap in my face.

Marty: Are you?

Todd: Yeah, that's right. Did it happen? No, it didn't. And why? Because John McBain came a-riding up, and he saved you from big, bad Todd, didn't he? Big knight in shining armor. You got everything you want now. You got McBain, and now you got little mcbaby in there, and now the 3 of you can live happily ever after.

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