OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 3/31/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 3/31/10


Provided By Kathy

Kim: What the hell are you doing here, David? Kevin get sick of you bumming off him? He kick you out?

David: It's not bumming when it's family. It's mooching.

David: You didn't actually think that I'd stand by while you frittered away my inheritance, did you?

Kim: I don't think about you period. Why would I? Girl scouts are more intimidating.

David: They have their moments. You think I wanted to buy 45 boxes of cookies?

Kim: And nobody pushes him around, just like me. Your uncle is exactly the guy I've been looking for, and FYI, the toe ring's not a toe ring; it's a ring ring for Sierra Rose, the little girl we're going to be raising together.

David: Sierra Rose? Was she born in a desert?

David: You know, you really need to focus, J.V. You've got until Clint comes home to dream up some reason about why you're divorcing him.

Kim: Get it through your thick skull. I have worked way too hard to win this ring on my finger. I'm not just gonna rush out of here with my tail between my legs because Clint's bastard nephew tells me to.

David: Because you called me a bad word that starts with "B," I'll call you a bad word that starts with "C"-"charlatan."

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