OLTL Best Lines Thursday 3/18/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 3/18/10


Provided By Kathy

Blair: Wait a minute. What is going on here, Todd? We both know that Kelly isn't competent enough to run anything. Well, maybe a flea circus.

Kelly: Oh, no. You don't get to call me flea anymore. I've grown up, Blair. "Raising Zane" gets thousands of hits every week. Online critics love it.

Blair: I'd like to meet them.

Kelly: I think Todd is smart enough to know real talent when he sees it.

Blair: Talent? Even you're dumb enough to know the only reason that he would hire you is to piss me off.

Kelly: Is it working?

Kelly: Of course, Zane and I could move here right after the school year ends. I mean, Dorian has offered us rooms at La Boulaie down the hall from you.

Blair: Oh, well, why wait? I'm sure Zane already feels abandoned by you already.

Kelly: Like when you took off to what, Tahiti, even after Starr had been kidnapped?

Blair: You know, I'm a terrific mom to all 4 of my children. Oh, wait a minute. It's only 3. That's right, because you ran me down and killed my unborn son!

Kelly: That was an accident, Blair. Are you gonna punish me forever?

Blair: No, just until you leave.

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