OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 1/13/10

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 1/13/10


Provided By Kathy

David: So, you didn't ply Nevil with alcohol and promise him that lap dance that you assumed that I wanted, which I do if it's free and I'll tip you.

Kim: That was part of my old job description.

David: Doesn't mean you can't put those skills to good use. You got Nevil to tell the truth to Clint about his unfaithful wife, didn't you? And then you could have Clint all to yourself.

Kim: Actually, why don't we talk about this later?

David: How much later?

Kim: Tonight over drinks at Rodi's or wherever you're staying.

David: Oh, boy. Wherever you did your training, you must have skipped the class on subtlety.

Kim: You calling me a gold digger?

David: Takes one to know one.

Mitch: Yes, you're right. My grandchild, my own second chance is coming soon. Now, I offered my support, but Rex and Stacy--

Todd: Would rather give it to a pack of wild dogs.

Jessica: You know, there are some really good guys on the force, and, you know, they moonlight as security guards.

Rex: I'll keep that in mind, definitely.

Jessica: Well, you wouldn't have to if Mitch was in jail.

Rex: Where he belongs.

Jessica: He belongs in hell after what he did to Jared.

Rex: Hell doesn't want him, either.

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