OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 12/23/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 12/23/09


Provided By Kathy

Viki: Bo and Nora are having an affair? Are you sure?

Clint: They admitted it, and everybody said, "Not an issue, not to worry."

Viki: But they've been divorced for years.

Clint: Yeah, I took both of them aside before the wedding, and they swore up and down, "We're adults. We have moved on." Liars. And then... then they told me that the only reason they got back together again was because of Matthew's injury. Now, knowing what I know now, I just want to ask them what part of Matthew's paralysis got you so damn horny!

Todd: You moved Dani into the hotel because you wanted to steal her away from me again, didn't you?

Téa: Todd, wait a second! As if Daniella would go anywhere with me right now. That is not what happened. Look, I understand. I don't blame you for being suspicious, but the truth is, I didn't even know she was--

Todd: Then why is she here?

Téa: Well--

Todd: I'm gonna get a court order.

Téa: Listen. Clint threw Nora out, okay? She moved into the Palace with her kids.

Todd: Smartest thing Clint ever did.

Greg: What? I heard they got along great on the flight back from Seattle.

Destiny: Yeah. I was there. I don't know who was more polite, Mom or Rachel.

Greg: There's nothing wrong with polite, Des.

Destiny: Yeah, when it's at 20,000 feet. But at Mom's house...

Greg: Well, Mom will get over it.

Destiny: Have you met Mom? She doesn't get over anything ever. She's still going on about how I ate that piece of pecan pie she was saving for her breakfast last Easter.

Greg: I'm a grown man, Des. I date whomever I want.

Destiny: All I'm saying is it could get ugly.

Rachel: Hey, Destiny. Merry Christmas.

Destiny: Yeah, you hang on to that. You're gonna need it tomorrow.

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