OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 12/9/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 12/9/09


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Nigel: Now, I want the entire scenario. Why are you so certain that Mr. Buchanan has been cuckolded? Where do you get your information?

Nevil: David Vickers. He said the commissioner and Miss Nora were in love.

Nigel: Oh, Nevil...

Nevil: You think it's funny?

Nigel: David Vickers cannot be trusted. He's an interloper, a con artist.

Nevil: A real tosser, eh?

Nigel: It's worse than that. He's a television spokesperson.

Kim: I was right about Bo and Nora. She's cheating on Clint behind his back with his own brother, bless her skanky little heart.

Stacy: Wait, wait. Hold on. How do you know this?

Kim: The butler's cousin.

Stacy: Who?

Kim: Nigel has a cousin from London. You know, he wears big plaid and has really nasty teeth. Anyways, he's the Buchanan butler in London, and he found out. Is snogging as bad as it sounds?

Stacy: What?

Kim: Bo and Nora were snogging the night before she married Clint. Nigel said he was cold-clucked or something.

Stacy: What is that?

Kim: I don't know. It's British. Who knows?

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