OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 11/4/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 11/4/09


Provided By Kathy

Tom: Many have tried to escape Warwick, but they failed.

Dani: Maybe they didn't have the right motivation. Did any of them have to escape to walk again or see their dad again? Or get the hell away from you?

Todd: Ah! Hope's birthday.

Blair: Bingo! And we're throwing a party for her.

Todd: Why aren't her parents throwing a party for her?

Blair: Homework?

Todd: Well, I guess that's what happens when you have a child at 16.

David: Oh, come on. You and Nora belong with each other. Anybody can see that.

Bo: What about Clint?

David: Better lock up the shotguns before you break the news.

Bo: I'm not sure there's gonna be any news to break.

David: Well, whatever you do, don't be like me and Dorian, two giving, generous, crazy people in love but too stubborn to say that they belong with each other and therefore destined to always be apart. I mean, sure, Dorian and I are beautiful, glamorous, and fantastic in bed together, but we're not good role models. Learn from us, Pa. No matter how much you may want to, don't be like us.

Bo: Mmm. Huh. Why do you care so much?

David: I want to see my old daddy happy. Oh, and I can't wait to start calling Nora big mama.

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