OLTL Best Lines Monday 10/12/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 10/12/09


Provided By Kathy

Amelia: Who are we to define what makes a marriage? Isn't that exactly what we're fighting against?

Oliver: No. This is different.

Amelia: How? They tell us that our feelings aren't legitimate, that we don't have the right to marry, to have families.

Nick: To receive the same tax credits, insurance benefits.

Oliver: Yes, yes, I believe in all of that. But why use a straight woman to get them?

David: And believe me, she is straight. Funny story--I tried to get her into a ménage a trois once. Dismal failure.

Ross: Ahh. Oh, thanks. So, you didn't haul the guy in that did this to me? Ahh.

Oliver: You broke into his house. Some states, he could've shot you.

Ross: Oh, that's nice. So, could you at least give me an aspirin, then?

Noelle: You still worried about your mom?

Jack: I wanted to ask her something.

Noelle: Why don't you ask me?

Jack: Who wears the dress?

Noelle: Excuse me?

Jack: At the wedding. Aunt Dorian or the other lady?

Noelle: Oh. Well, I'm not sure.

Jack: And Starr says people that are gay are born that way, but if Aunt Dorian can turn into a lesbian overnight, does that mean you and me could wake up gay?

Noelle: Ask your mom.

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