OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 9/23/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 9/23/09


Provided By Kathy

Todd: You scared?

Viki: Of Dorian?

Todd: Yeah.

Viki: Please. If she had any more skeletons in her closet, she could open a museum.

David: What a missed opportunity.

Matthew: What was?

David: I had to go for that stupid reality show, when I should have secured the rights to your story about you getting crippled and all, and suing your parents for the right to walk again. Ah. Would have made a great TV movie. I would have been brilliant.

Matthew: Well, who would you play?

David: You. We would have made the Matthew character a little older.

Matthew: Well, if I was older, I wouldn't have needed to file the lawsuit in the first place.

David: A minor detail.

Oliver: I know what Dad thinks. I always have. But with you, Mom, I'm not really sure.

Barbara: I was raised in the church, same as your father. We thought we raised you the same way. It's a sin, Oliver.

Oliver: Doesn't a sin have to be a choice?

Barbara: You didn't make a choice to be the way you are?

Oliver: If I did, I don't remember when I made it.

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