OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 9/8/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 9/8/09


Provided By Kathy

Viki: Dorian, I think you should save your posturing until after the debate, which is when your candidate will need the spin.

David: Kapow! Candidate Banks gets the first round.

Dorian: It's the last round that counts, and, Viki, Mayor Lowell is not gonna pull any punches just because you're a woman.

Viki: Swing away, Mr. Mayor.

David: Yeah. Well, don't swing too hard. You don't want to dislodge one of her alters who will go all nuclear on you.

Téa: Wouldn't you do anything for a client?

Nora: Oh, sure. Yeah, absolutely, within my own code of ethics. Remember ethics?

Téa: Did you remember ethics when you kissed your ex-husband the night before you married his brother?

Marty: And this is safer?

Brody: Yes. This is all gonna be over soon. John's arresting the mayor right now.

Marty: So our mayor is part of a drug ring and orders teenagers to be killed. Am I still in Llanview?

Mayor Lowell: Watch it, McBain. I'll have your badge.

Dorian: You cannot arrest Mayor Lowell.

David: Keep recording, Markko. Keep recording. If the networks won't buy this, maybe Mayor Lowell will.

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