OLTL Best Lines Friday 9/4/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 9/4/09


Provided By Kathy

Téa: Please state your name and your relationship to the plaintiff.

Rachel: Rachel Gannon. I'm Matthew Buchanan's sister.

Téa: And, for the record, you and I have a personal relationship, as well.

Rachel: Yes. We were roommates.

Téa: And friends, I hope.

Rachel: Well, that depends. You still owe me for half the security deposit.

Layla: You went to the bookstore and found the gay section and picked out something to help him deal with his conservative parents?

Cristian: Wasn't that big a deal.

Layla: A lot of guys wouldn't do it. They'd be afraid that somebody might think they're gay or, worse, that someone might hit on them.

Cristian: Actually, they offered me two numbers.

Layla: Ha ha ha! I knew it. Cristian, as fine as you are--come on--you're like gay catnip.

Cristian: Gay catnip? What the hell is that?

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