OLTL Best Lines Friday 8/28/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 8/28/09


Provided By Kathy

Starr: My daughter is not a message for anyone, especially a pig like that.

Dorian: Oh, now. Why are you so against Mayor Lowell?

Starr: His politics. Did you see the way he looked at me when he found out I had a baby?

Dorian: I talked to him about that.

Starr: And you think his attitude's gonna change? It won't. It runs in his DNA. His kid goes to my school, and the jerk gene runs in the family. Trust me.

Dorian: I know nothing...

Starr: And what bothers me the most is that my daughter is being used to endorse a man that I would never vote for in a million years!

Dorian: It's a good thing you're too young to vote.

Téa: Well, I was just making it very clear to Elijah that I will do whatever it takes to win Matthew the right to decide what's best for him.

Todd: Oh, you're--I know you can take him, but, you know, you better bring your "a" game because he's pretty good. He won me my freedom. Now we can do whatever we want. Cheers. Breakfast in bed every day for the rest of our lives.

Téa: I usually skip breakfast.

Viki: Well, I guess Dorian found a job she wanted more than being chief of staff at the hospital.

Charlie: Mm-hmm. Thank God for the unsuspecting sick people that just came in.

Brody: Is it really a big deal that she's Lowell's new campaign manager?

Natalie and Viki: Yeah.

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