OLTL Best Lines Friday 8/21/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 8/21/09


Provided By Nathan

Mayor Lowell: You're gonna make me work for this endorsement, aren't you? I kind of hoped that my record would speak for itself.

Viki: I see. If you are relying solely on your record, unless I hear something very different here today, "The Banner" is not going to endorse you.

Dorian: Blair, I want you to be happy. And I can't help it. I just keep wishing that maybe things had worked out between you and John.

Blair: Well, they didn't, Dorian, ok? And even if I were with John right now, I'd still be worrying about my kids. I would.

Dorian: Yeah. But you wouldn't be crying out for cabana boy.

Mayor Lowell: If you even imply in print that I broke the law--

Viki: I don't need to imply anything, mayor. I just have to print the facts, and they will speak for themselves.

Mayor Lowell: Then you better stick to the facts. Newspapers are an endangered species as it is. If "The Banner" were to be sued for libel--

Viki: Well, our insurance would easily cover that. And then "The Banner" would defend itself in a long and heavily publicized trial.

Gigi: Everything ok?

Rex: Uh, yeah. It's some P.I. work.

Stacy: Who are you investigating?

Gigi: The "p" stands for "private."

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