OLTL Best Lines Friday 8/14/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 8/14/09


Provided By Nathan

Blair: Hmm. Todd hired Rayburn to help kidnap his kids.

Rex: He was gonna kidnap his kids?

Blair: Yeah. You never thought of that?

Rex: No.

Blair: Well, you're lucky. I guess you and your baby mama have a very nice relationship.


Todd: Of course I want you. I want you and Starr and Sam.

Jack: So what's your plan?

Todd: I'm gonna ask for joint custody.

Jack: Since when do you know how to share?


Roxy: How'd he find out?

Gigi: I told him. Roxy, I had to. If I hadn't, she would have. Besides, we don't lie to each other.

Roxy: Everybody lies. Why kid yourself?


Todd: How do you know about what happened at the cabana?

Jack: Dad, there are no secrets at the La Boulaie.

Todd: Ok. Maybe this is a good thing. I mean, you are a man in training. Well, it's like this. Sometimes when it's hot, I mean, like outside in the weather, I mean, swimming really doesn't do it. It takes a woman...

Jack: In a cabana. I get it.


Stacy: Look, I can't fake a pregnancy. Rex and Gigi are all over me as it is. I mean, they practically brought me into the hospital just to have the pregnancy test. And I know they'll want a paternity test, and I'm sure that Rex will want to come see the sonograms with me. Will you slow down? It's like breakfast.

Kimberly: Will you relax? I'm on Vegas time.

Stacy: Yeah, it's breakfast there, too.

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