OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 8/11/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 8/11/09


Provided By Kathy

Dorian: Why are you here?

David: Isn't it obvious? I've missed you.

Dorian: Your agent cut you loose.

David: Heh heh! Bev? Oh, no. She's heartbroken I'm not out there.

Dorian: The hemorrhoid commercial money ran out.

David: What, are you kidding? Hemorrhoids and a bad economy go hand in hand, or cheek to cheek. People are sitting around on their duffs more than ever.

Matthew: I'll be a kid forever.

Rachel: That is not true. You can be independent. You'll be driving soon. There are special cars.

Matthew: As long as someone has to pick me up and put me in this chair, I'll need a babysitter for the rest of my life.

Rachel: Not true. And you're a lucky guy in at least one way.

Matthew: How's that?

Rachel: You have the money and resources to do and be whatever you want.

Matthew: A basketball player?

Rachel: Okay, almost anything.

Dorian: You would use me and my family as--as fodder for your ambition.

David: Sure. I'm doing this for both of us, Dorian.

Ford: Look. We'll keep it classy. We'll follow the family around, just use a single-camera crew, okay?

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll keep the slapfights to a minimum to make it real.

Dorian: No! No! I--I will not have my family used to fuel some basic cable train wreck.

David: Bite your tongue. This is going to be a network train wreck.

Ford: And if we get a hundred episodes in the can, we can go into syndication.

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