OLTL Best Lines Friday 7/17/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 7/17/09


Provided By Nathan

Matthew: Come on. I'm not exactly A-list. I mean, I'm sure people gave you crap for it.

Destiny: Look at this face. Does it look like the face of a person who cares what other people think?

Greg: All I know is, you both have given me some choice words here. You implied that I came here to pocket some money and pump my ego.

Rachel: Oh, I didn't imply it. I flat out said it.

Dorian: I'm almost afraid to ask this question, but did you have sex with Todd because you knew Téa would walk in on you?

Blair: No, but, I'm telling you, it was just pure luck it happened. Well, it serves her right. She shows up at Starr's wedding. She comes over here and ruins my morning bragging about how she's sharing a bed with Todd.

Dorian: Well, that's nothing for either one of you to brag about.

John: Bend your knees a little bit. Aim just below where you want to hit. Allow for a slight upkick.

Téa: If the target was wearing a belt, you know where I'd be aiming.

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