OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 7/14/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 7/14/09


Provided By Nathan

Jessica: You're good at that.

Brody: Lots of practice with disorientation.

Jessica: Huh. We're quite a pair.

Blair: So did you sneak back in the house this morning to make up this pancake batter?

Todd: No. I walked all the way from the East Wing. It took me an hour, but I still managed to have the energy to cook.

Téa: Oh. It's from the billing department at the hospital. I have some tests and physical therapy scheduled for today. They won't do it without your authorization.

Blair: Oh, what kind of game is this? "Daddy may I"?

Stacy: Ok, Shane, remember when you said that if your dad wasn't gonna be with your mom, you hoped that he would be with someone as cool as me?

Shane: yeah?

Stacy: Well, you got your wish. your dad and I are together now. How killer is that?

Shane: Wow, that's so--I think I'm gonna be sick.

Cole: I'm not gonna be able to see her very much, right? I have to tell her why. I just wasted a year because I didn't tell her stuff that really mattered. A whole year. Now, we don't get that back. I can't waste another minute.

John: Oh, you're 18. Have any idea how many minutes you got left, kid?

Cole: No. Neither do you, so don't waste them.

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