OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 6/17/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 6/17/09


Provided By Nathan

Jessica: I've tried to apologize to everyone. Now it's your turn, sweetheart, because I hurt you the most. I even gave your name to another little girl. Today, you get it back. Chloe Victoria Brennan, I'm so sorry. Your mama will love you forever. Rest in peace, sweet Chloe, and give that to your daddy. He'll know who it's from.

Shane: In public. First time I'm playing them since I got sick. Do you play an instrument?

Matthew: No.

Destiny: He lies. Man plays a piano like Alicia Keys.

Stacy: Um, Sky, where's the fire?

Schuyler: Anywhere you've been with a book of matches.

Bo (to Rex): Hmm? Just, you know what? Keep an open mind about Gigi. Because if you wait too long to forgive, then sometimes you end up being too late, and then you're the one who's out.

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