OLTL Best Lines Friday 6/12/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 6/12/09


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Markko: But, you know, the truth is, we'll all walk out of this place today and some of us will never see each other again. Some of us will be in each other's lives forever. Or, at least, in each other's hearts. But whether this is the first day of the rest of our lives as friends, or the last, we all have to understand this much -- we're lucky to have known each other. We came into this school as little kids who didn't know anything. And, uh, we still don't know much. No, I'm serious. We don't know much about life or what's coming next, or whether high school has been the best time of our lives or the worst. Maybe this is the first frame of a film that hasn't been made yet. I don't know. But I do know one thing. Those little kids who started at this school years ago are not the seniors who say goodbye to this place today. A year ago, some of us couldn't even imagine the things that would happen between then and now. But we did it. We lived through it, and here we are. We can replay it in our minds, watch the video. But it's over. It's time to move on. Are you scared? No, I'm serious. Are you scared? Because I am. It's -- it's up to me now. I've got to figure out where I go next, and I've got to make that happen. But you know what? I can do it and so can you. We all can. And you know why? Because we're not the little chicken freshmen we were when we started here. That's right. We're not even the little chicken seniors we were last September. We've changed. We've grown up. What we thought we wanted has evolved. And what we were afraid of handling, we now know we can handle. This is when it's time to step up. We've got to take responsibility. And you know what? Scared as I am, I'm ready. I am ready to live my life. I say bring it on!

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