OLTL Best Lines Thursday 6/4/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 6/4/09


Provided By Wanda

Jessica: I went straight to Dr. Joplin's office because I knew Starr's baby was going to be there.

Viki: How did you know that?

Jessica: I heard Uncle Todd planning to steal her when I was at his house. I hid. I hid until everyone in the office was gone, and then -- and then when the coast was clear, I went in and I saw her there, this beautiful little baby, this breathing, moving, healthy baby, and I picked her up, and I put my baby down, and I left her. I took her! Oh, my God! I took her! I took that baby, and I left my baby there. She was dead, all alone, and I left her. ........ I left her. I just left her there. I didn't tell her I loved her. I didn't tell her about her dad. I didn't even kiss her goodbye. I just -- I just left her. And I took the healthy baby, and I drove back to the cottage, and when I got there, I just -- I just took Starr's baby, and I held her. I held her really close, and I just -- I pushed away all the feelings about the baby that I left behind. And I fell asleep. I knew you and Dad would find me there. And when I woke up, I had this beautiful baby. I didn't remember anything. And I didn't question it. I didn't question it! I didn't question anything! I didn't question how I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl all by myself! She wasn't mine! She wasn't mine! My baby died! Oh, God! Oh, Chloe! Oh, Chloe! I'm so sorry.

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