OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 6/3/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 6/3/09


Provided By Wanda

Schuyler: Do you think we can get Stacy to confess?

Gigi: That beyotch? No, no way. She's in so deep already, she'll just come up with some other crafty little lie.

Schuyler: You know what? And -- and with Kyle Lewis backing her up now, I mean, that's like anything we say --

Gigi: It looks like we're out to get poor little Stacy, and I know Rex. We could hand him a signed confession from my sister and he would still need to see hard evidence.

Schuyler: Which we don't even have anymore. I can't believe I put something so important in my fridge. Stupid!

Gigi: Well, where else are you supposed to put a bag of blood, the bank? Look, we can't give up. I have been scared and unhappy for so long, and I'm sick of it. And now, I might have a way to get my family back, so I'm going to stick to the plan. All we have to do is prove that Stacy couldn't be Shane's bone marrow donor, ok?

Schuyler: How do you plan on doing that, raiding a blood bank?

Gigi: Why go to all that trouble when you could just go to the source?

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