OLTL Best Lines Thursday 5/14/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 5/14/09


Provided By Wanda

Powell: Look around. Take a really good look. It's cousin Kevin's old room in the K.A.D. House. Remember that?

Todd: What the hell?

Powell: Yeah, the place had been boarded up for years when I bought it. I went through a lot of trouble to re-create this room, right down to the Einstein poster. I wanted to get it exactly right.

Todd: Why?

Powell: What goes around, comes around. This is where it all started, Todd. Your defining moment. Zach and I were your wingmen that night, but you were definitely the point man. You zeroed right in on Marty Saybrooke, made her your target, made her pay for dissing you. We found her here, sick, half-passed out, and we raped her right here on this bed. Who's trapped now, Todd? Who's helpless now? How does it feel to be at someone else's mercy? Someone who doesn't give a damn about how scared you are, how much you're suffering?

Todd: So, you've gone insane.

Powell: Oh, you think so? What was your excuse when you pinned Marty to the bed?

Todd: You helped me, you son of a bitch.

Powell: You're right. How did Nora put it at the trial? "Three men trapping an unwilling prey." Only, this time, it's not three men. It's three women, and you're the unwilling prey.

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