OLTL Best Lines Monday 5/4/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 5/4/09


Provided By Wanda

Stacy: I don't know how you do it. My old boyfriend kicked me out and I've only been wandering the streets for a day and I already want to slit my wrists. Good thing the guy I really want is in some need of some TLC, and I'm just the girl to give it to him. You know, if you were awake, I'd ask you how I look. Good enough to eat?

Homeless woman: Tex-Mex is more my speed, but you'll do. I'm homeless, I'm not a cannibal. You want to know what you look like? It'll cost you a dollar. A whore. Corner of Fourth and Cambie is that way. You're painted bright enough to pull a john from 20 paces in the dark. You need to tone it down. Especially if you want to reel in some guy who just lost the love of his life.

Stacy: You heard all that?

Homeless woman: Nothing wrong with my ears.

Stacy: Okay, Gigi is not the love of his life, okay? And I can love him way better than she ever could.

Homeless woman: You want in? Desperate will work a whole lot better.

Stacy: Meaning?

Homeless woman: This guy's ego took a beating when this lady dumped him, so va-va-voom won't cut it. But damsel in distress, huh? He'll lap that right up.

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