OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 2/18/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 2/18/09


Provided By Wanda

Nora: Honey, you know what? This is probably one of those times where it would be best if you went upstairs to your room and let the grown-ups deal with this.

Matthew: Our last house burned down in a fire, and now I'm just supposed to go upstairs and wait to get thrown out of this one?

Nora: Are you happy now, Dorian? You've upset a child.

Dorian: I would hurry up if I were you, Nora, or else the child is going to be even more upset when he sees you carried bodily out of this house. It will be devastating for him and rather undignified.

Renee: You watch out for your own dignity, you shame -- you gold digger.

Clint: All right, so this whole Buddhist conversion thing, it was just an act, right? An act where you renounce all worldly goods, and then we put our guard down and you swoop in for the kill, huh?

David: I was doing my best to change, Clint. And as much as I enjoyed drinking Téa and wearing orange, Dorian showed me my deeper calling -- to run Buchanan Enterprises and claim the gifts of my birthright.

Clint: Let's just turn it down a notch, shall we, Vickers?

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