OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 1/28/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 1/28/09


Provided By Wanda

Rex: No, I'm serious, but then I saw you and David and, well, I'm very curious about this sudden spiritual awakening. Rex: I'm all ears.

David: Dorian, may I explain?

Dorian: Please, given my voice.

David: This wasn't sudden, Rex. Dorian was born into this world on a quest. She's been trying to better herself her entire life.

Rex: No kidding, a quest.

David: Would you agree? She has tried searching for money, men, success, and happiness. None of them really worked out. Only now, she has found fulfillment.

Rex: Right, because she's letting go of all that. So you're giving your millions to some zen, clouds, and trees place.

Dorian: Clouds-In-River.

Rex: Yeah, that. There's one thing I don't get. These people took a vow of poverty, right, so what do they need money for?

Dorian: Maintenance.

Rex: I'm surprised you're not giving it to the homeless or to help cure some deadly diseases.

David: What a compassionate thought, Rex. Namaste.

Rex: I'm just saying I don't want to see you guys screw it up. Karma, that's all. I'd hate to see you come back as a couple of piranhas. Don't they eat their own?

David: You're right. He's right. Thank you, Rex. Thank you a million times over for your enlightenment.

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