OLTL Best Lines Monday 1/26/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 1/26/09


Provided By Wanda

David: In an attempt to prove to me that she is genuine about trying to achieve Nirvana, Dorian is giving up all of her worldly goods and possessions. It would appear that she is giving them to you, Moe. Namaste.

Moe: Nama who? Lady, did you spike your herbal Téa this morning?

Dorian: I have never felt more generous or more cleansed in my entire life. Maurice, La Boulaie and all of its contents are yours.

Moe: This just isn't right. I can't take your house and all your -- your stuff.

Dorian: Why not?

Moe: Oh, it's not mine. It's yours.

Dorian: No, they are not mine either. David has not done anything to me. No, I have chosen to follow the path, the path of the good and the true.

David: The noble and the enlightened.

Dorian: Yes, the noble and the enlightened. So, he has been my longtime friend and my sometime lover, who has shown me what is possible, and that is true inner peace.

David: Not bad, Dorian. Namaste.

Dorian: Thank you. Therefore, Moe, I have chosen you to be the recipient of my largesse.

David: Of your devotion.

Dorian: Right, my devotion and my largesse. Moe, come on. Do you not want the finer things in life?

Moe: It is beyond generous for you to even think of me, but I can't accept.

David: You can't give your things away to someone you know so that when you change your mind you may retrieve them.

Dorian: David, don't you think you're being just a tad bit negative and judgmental?

David: Prove yourself. Give everything away to charity, perfect strangers. I can have the unwashed homeless people back here in five minutes if you dial the phone for me.

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