OLTL Best Lines Friday 1/23/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 1/23/09


Provided By Wanda

Dorian: Join me in honoring Uposatha.

Langston: Ok, seriously, what -- what is all this?

Dorian: Uposatha is a day of observance, and I have asked Maurice to prepare a delicious repast suitable to launching us into the day. Please, please won't you enjoy these delicacies to enliven the soul, which Maurice has been preparing since the break of day?

Langston: Why are you talking like that?

Starr: And why does that look like algae?

Moe: It's nettle soup. Try dipping a piece of balep korkun in it.

Addie: What happened to the muffins and the cappuccino?

Moe: Would you like some yak butter Téa instead?

Addie: You can actually milk a yak?

Starr: Ok, I don't even want to think about that.

Dorian: Uposatha is celebrated four times monthly, so you better get used to it.

Langston: Are we Buddhist now?

Dorian: I have never been one to proselytize, but I hope to lead by example. I -- I hope that you will decide to follow me on a path of enlightenment. I'm sure that you will find it enlightening.

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