OLTL Best Lines Friday 1/16/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 1/16/09


Provided By Wanda

David: No, no, no!

Dorian: Oh, your lips are saying "no, no" but your body is saying "yes, yes."

David: My body does not speak for me.

Dorian: David, you never could resist me. Now come upstairs to my comfy, comfy bed.

David: No, no. I have broken Kliche Korval. I have not abstained from sexual temptation. Guide me, oh great one. Dorian, have you no respect? Can you not see that I am a man on a mission?

Dorian: Huh. Aren't we all?

David: Well -- no. You're a woman.

Dorian: Huh -- you noticed?

David: Of course I noticed. I notice all living creatures, but I must from now on say no to your entreaties.

Dorian: Wait, David, wait. You are a holy man. And therefore, you know that the holy one made all things for a purpose.

David: Vishnu hambra, yes.

Dorian: Exactly. And since he made all things for a purpose, we know that he made you for a purpose -- he made you for me and we know what for.

David: He made me to seek Nirvana.

Dorian: There are many ways to achieve Nirvana. Hey, we made it to heaven more than once.

David: There is a sect that believes in the path of the flesh.

Dorian: Oh, meet me on that path.

David: I'm not a member of that sect.

Dorian: Oh, would you cut the crap, David? I know you. I know you really well, you meat-eating, money-grubbing man. And we know you've got one talent, so why don't you take that talent up the stairs and let's get it on -- old school?

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