OLTL Best Lines Thursday 1/15/09

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 1/15/09


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Starr: You can't think that you're the reason my baby died.

Schuyler: Why not? Did she tell you I wasn't?

Starr: No, she didn't tell me anything about her personal life.

Schuyler: Like I said, she covered for me a lot. You know, when I was young, she used to -- she would tell my dad that she was the one who stole 20 bucks from his wallet or lost her favorite pair of earrings. You know, she should've -- she should've hung me out to dry. She should've taken care of herself, but she didn't.

Starr: So you took her earrings?

Schuyler: I did a lot more than that. I think I broke her heart.

Starr: Yeah, but you got better.

Schuyler: Yeah, after I was clean for about a year, I knew her birthday was coming up and I actually went out and I bought her a new pair of earrings. And then before I could give them to her, she killed herself, so --

Starr: I am so sorry.

Schuyler: No, um, I shouldn't be telling you all this.

Starr: It's okay. You --

Schuyler: No, it's not. I'm the teacher, and you're the student, and it's my job to be aware of these boundaries. So, Starr, just go finish your homework or something, okay? I'll see you later.

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