OLTL Best Lines Monday 12/29/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 12/29/08


Provided By Wanda

Viki: You actually changed your name?

David: Oh, I've changed much more than that. Like this humble diner I see before me, I have been transformed.

Clint: Why would Asa send his attorney over in the middle of Christmas?

Nora: Well, maybe it's good news.

Beaver: Asa was prepared for every eventuality.

(On TV) Asa: You all had only one job to do, and you couldn't do that right. Last year, I gave you a deadline to bring up B.E.'s stock price. You couldn't even do that. You let it sink like the Titanic. Which means, you all lose everything you have got. You knew the stakes. Stock's up, you're rich. Stock's down, you're broke. And don't give me any of your damn excuses.

Clint: This has to be a mistake.

Bo: Hey, Nigel, could you please pour me a big glass of that fancy whiskey? Just skip the eggnog.

Clint: He couldn't possibly have known that Dorian took over the company.

Nora: Well -- give me that. There have to be some provisions here.

Asa: It doesn't matter how you blew, you blew it.

Bo: What are you going to do now, try to reason with him?

Nora: I mean, when he says "everything," does he mean everything?

Asa: Just so we're clear about everything, and I mean everything, the gravy train is over. Nora, pack your bags. Maybe Renee will take you in at the Palace. Bo, you might want to try to get that do-nothing mayor of ours to actually pay you a salary. And, Clint, see if Viki will take you back. She's still loaded, right? Because the rest of you, my friends, are flat-ass broke.

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